LingCoaching, how does it work? 


It is a Language training program for professionals and individuals, with a personalised coaching approach. 

Our LingCoaches are qualified and experienced individuals who are passionate about teaching languages.

Their varied fields of expertise enable them to answer all of your training needs.

Whatever your project, we will accompany you towards achieving your objectives!

How does it work ?

1 – Choose your language amongst the ones stated below. Or contact us if you wish to learn another language !  

2 – Decide which area of the language you wish to work on : 

You wish to combine several objectives? Our LingCoaches will prepare a completely tailor-made program just for you!

Our training takes place online via virtual class but we can organise blended learning sessions combining both online and face-to-face classes.

Let us know what your needs are and we will find the person or people who will guide you throughout your learning process.

3 – Contact us and we will work together to organise your course as explained below : 

The 5 steps of our LingCoaching services : 

The preliminary interview will enable us to evaluate your needs and objectives as well as your current language level. Depending on your availabilities we will then propose a personalised and tailor made program for you.

According to your needs, your interests and availabilities we will select the right LingCoach or LingCoaches who will be able to accompany and guide you throughout your entire training program.

You start your personalised training and coaching program. In addition to your classes, your LingCoach will send you regular reminders with avenues of work ad action in order to boost your learning and give you material to practice and progress continually.

At the end of your training, we will evaluate your level and the achievement of your objectives. We will give you a personalised feedback both oral and written as well as a training certificate.

We propose a personalised follow up of 1 to 3 months, by mail or videoconference to encourage you to pursue your efforts and determine new objectives.